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LA Marathon FAQs Consider this your cheat-sheet to making the 2016 Skechers Performance LA Marathon on Sunday, February 14 a success! Get ready to set a PR for preparedness. 1. I’m already sore thinking about the marathon. Will LA Sports Massage be setting up in the DoubleTree Ballroom after the event giving free massages? Yes! These are first-come, […]

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LA Marathon: Everything LEGGERS Need to Know

The 2016 ASICS LA Marathon takes place Sunday, February 14. The race will start at 6:55 AM. As a Legger, you get special race-day perks as part of your L.A. LEGGERS membership. Here is everything you need to know – and do – to make race day a success. Read More

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Do Long Beach and enter the L.A. LEGGERS Healthy Halfer contest

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Did you join the club to get in shape? Prove it! Earn bragging rights as the most improved Legger in our new Healthy Halfer contest. It all starts with the Long Beach Half, Sun Oct 11.

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Open registration closes Wed Sep 30

leggers week 3

The 2015-16 season is well under way, but anyone can still join between now and Wed Sep 30. Should you? It all depends on your level of fitness and experience.

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Help the L.A. LEGGERS give back to the city of Santa Monica


For 26 years, the city of Santa Monica has been home to the L.A. LEGGERS. We are grateful for our relationship with city government and for the residents who allow us to run and walk through their neighborhoods. To show our love and appreciation, we want to give back by installing a public water fountain.

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